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Cassidy’s sound can be described as a gentle disruption in pop music. Using her vocals as a catalyst for her lyrics, she blends acoustic and synthesized textures to create an atmosphere that tells a story in itself. With indie pop and alternative influences, she isn’t afraid of inserting space and vulnerability between the lines. Though her melodies are written to catch you on the first listen, Cassidy purposefully adds depth to her lyrics for those who wish to dive deeper.

For Cassidy, it has always started and ended with writing. As a little girl, she wrote short stories but it didn’t take long for this to bridge into rhymes and melodies. With so much to say at such a young age, Cassidy’s introverted tendencies drove her to create art rather than expelling her thoughts into speech.

“I’ve always been an introvert, so I think songwriting is my way of communicating without speaking. Especially because you can choose to share it or keep it to yourself.”

Cassidy plans to reveal her debut self-titled EP song by song, the second being “Clean”. The song touches on heavy topics including toxic masculinity and the illusion of control.

“I really wanted to give each song room to breathe and exist for a while, separately.”

She describes each song from the EP as being significant in her development as a person and creator. With a vocal style similar to artists such as Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, and Julia Michaels, Cassidy looks to producers such as Jack Antonoff for inspiration in her recordings. As Cassidy’s debut project unfolds, she prepares to play the unreleased material at her live performances.

“During the pandemic, my producer and I worked really hard on creating a new live show from the ground up. I think the experience we’ve created is truly unique and fitting for the new music.”

Cassidy grew up in the small community of Haliburton, typically known for being ‘cottage country’. The nature and wildlife surrounding her hometown made a mark on Cassidy and if you listen closely, it reflects in her art. Today, Cassidy not only gathers inspiration from her own experiences but also those around her.

“I think there’s a beauty to songwriting where the possibilities are endless. You can write about something that happened to you or a friend or even something that never happened at all, and all of it can feel authentic and real in the same way. I think as long as it comes from the heart, it’s real.”

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