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"Slip Away"



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"Speak of the Devil"

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Cassidy Taylor is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Born in the small town of Haliburton, ON, and growing up among the amiable music community that surrounded her, Cassidy established her name and began drawing crowds as early as age 14. Cassidy’s sensual voice accompanied by her acoustic guitar has always been able to silence a room. Her energy resembles a warm, sweet, and quirky introversion derived from her upbringing. Working with engineer and producer, Yanni Caldas, in the studio and at her live shows, Cassidy finds a way to incorporate an element of storytelling into everything she does. Cassidy adds an ‘underground’ flare to pop music while looking to artists such as Lorde, Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, and Bleachers for inspiration. Her newest single release, “Slip Away”, touches on heartache born out of imposter syndrome and the hardships this can have on close relationships.


Releasing her single, “Pretty” in 2021, was essential in finding her niche sound in the pop music scene. However, Cassidy’s sound wasn’t always influenced by pop. Growing up with access to nothing more than acoustic instruments, she was known for playing folk music. In 2017, Cassidy was sought out by record label, Cadence Music Group and performed at the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest in 2018. During this time, she also co-wrote with acts such as Whitehorse, Julian Taylor, Zoe Sky Jordan, and Robyn D’ell Unto. Other notable performances throughout her career include Hometown Hockey, the She’s The One Competition, The Shot Competition, and RAW Natural Born Artists.


Before Cassidy took her talents to the stage, she started writing her own songs. At the age of 8, Cassidy was writing about her experiences and struggles as a young girl growing up in a small town. Songwriting being her biggest and earliest passion, Cassidy has always kept this at the core of every project and performance. Her songs shape her live shows into an intimate experience. In the past, Cassidy had performed with many variations of a band but today she chooses to perform solo with her guitar.


Cassidy’s debut single release in 2020, “Speak of the Devil,” took on a dark, alternative rock vibe and ended up being the only song from this era that was released. The song was written after moving to Mississauga, ON to attend Metalworks Institute of Sound & Music Production. In the city, Cassidy found a new source of inspiration and translated her feelings into songs, one of which became “Speak of the Devil”. Meeting Yanni Caldas not long after graduating, they quickly realized their chemistry in the studio and became the perfect duo in producing Cassidy’s songs. Following this, “Before Daylight” was written, produced, and released entirely in insolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This paved the way for her single release, “Pretty,” an eclectic track that sheds light on the topic; not everything is exactly the way it appears.


Song by song, Cassidy works towards sharing her debut EP with the world, starting with “Slip Away”.

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Press & Testimonials

"Bringing with her a deep passion and expressiveness in the way she sings, Cassidy Taylor and her works, are quickly conquering many fans around the world [...}"
Roadie Music, March 2022

"Taylor shows off her high level ability to write and convey all of her thoughts on this song [Slip Away]."
Melody Bites, March 2022

"“Slip Away,” is absolutely beautiful. Cassidy does a great job at capturing the emotion of the song and relaying it to her listeners. [...] Cassidy is definitely one you should watch out for."
Music on the Rox, March 2022

"With lo-fi realness speaking on her self-doubts, Taylor captures what it’s like to feel at your lowest. Still, she managed to hush the critics in her mind and wrote the song in just an hour."
Canadian Beats, May 2020


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