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Cassidy Taylor is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Growing up in the small town of Haliburton, ON, Cassidy was deeply influenced by nature and a sense of community, especially when it came to music. Today, Cassidy’s sound can be described as a gentle disruption in the pop music scene. As a self-proclaimed introvert, her lyrics often reflect this and promote introspection. Sonically, she fuses together pop, alternative, and acoustic textures while looking to artists such as Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, and Bleachers for inspiration. With everything Cassidy does, in the studio and on stage, storytelling always remains at the core.


Cassidy currently works towards sharing her debut self-titled EP with the world, song by song. The third and most recent single release, titled “The Moon”, reflects on the meaning of home, friends, and family. After moving away from Haliburton and into the city for the first time, Cassidy penned the lyrics while navigate the big change.


The first single from her upcoming EP was only a catalyst for what’s to come. “Slip Away” gained coverage from blogs such as Renegade Soul and Melody Bites while also landing on Spotify playlists from major curators, Exclaim Media, Greesha, Esydia, and Noktis. “Slip Away” was written on Cassidy’s own personal accounts of imposter syndrome and loneliness.


Writing has always been Cassidy’s biggest passion but it didn’t start with music. At a young age, Cassidy’s love for words began with short stories and even novels. It quickly developed into song and soon after, she picked up her dads old acoustic guitar and immediately found a home on the stage.


In 2017, Cassidy was sought out by record label, Cadence Music Group and performed at the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest in 2018. During this time, she also co-wrote with acts such as Whitehorse, Julian Taylor, Zoe Sky Jordan, and Robyn D’ell Unto. Other notable performances throughout her career include the 2022 JUNOS Opening Night Chair Reception, Hometown Hockey, the RBC She’s The One Competition, The Shot Competition, and RAW Natural Born Artists.


Cassidy’s debut single, “Speak of the Devil” still holds a special place in her heart. Moving to the city of Mississauga after high school to attend Metalworks Institute of Sound & Music Production, she found new sources of inspiration, some of which translate through “Speak of the Devil”.


Throughout the recent pandemic, Cassidy developed and refined her sound into what it is today. Releasing her upcoming debut EP song by song, we await more from Cassidy Taylor.



"Bringing with her a deep passion and expressiveness in the way she sings, Cassidy Taylor and her works, are quickly conquering many fans around the world [...}"

— Roadie Music, March 2022



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